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Colio Bricklayer Cab/Merlot      6/16-1/2L/24-btl

13% 2016 VQA

Viewpointe Merlot/Cab                    7/19-1/2L/30-btl

13% 2010 VQA

CREW Barrelman’s Blend          7/19-1/2L/30-btl

13.2% 2016 VQA

Sprucewood Pinot Noir       8/22-1/2L/34-btl

13%  2013 VQA

Cooper’s Hawk Cab Franc         10/26-1/2L/42-btl

13.5% 2011 VQA

CREW Cab Sauvignon               10/26-1/2L/42-btl

13.5% 2013 VQA



Colio Chardonnay       6/16-1/2L//24-btl

13% 2016 VQA

Cooper’s Hawk Charvivio            7/19-1/2L/30-btl

12.5% 2103 VQA

Viewpointe Pinot Grigio         8/22-1/2L/34-btl

13% 2016 VQA

CREW Sauvignon Blanc               8/22-1/L/34-btl

13.5% 2016 VQA

Sprucewood Riesling                    8/22-1/2L/34-btl

12%  2014 VQA

CREW Gewurztaminer              10/26-1/2L/42-btl

13.6%  2016 VQA



Colio Estate Rose        8/22-1/2L/34-btl

12%  2014  VQA

CREW Red Sky                            8/22-1/2L/34-btl

12.7%  2015 VQA


Bring Your Own Wine – Corkage Fee          $15/750mL



Caesar  1oz vodka                                               7

Cosmo   1.5 oz vodka & triple sec                   8

Mimosa   5oz champagne                                6

Amaretto Sour  1oz amaretto                         6

Lemon Drop Martini                                        8

             1.5 oz vodka & lemoncello          

Bellini  5oz champagne                                 6

Vodka or Gin Martini                                       8

1.5 oz vodka or gin and vermouth


    • Seasonal Cocktails  –  8 

      Sangrino—5oz red wine, 1/2 oz peach schnapps, fruit and soda


      Old Krakened– 1-1/2oz kraken, orange bitters, plantation sugar, orange peel


      Blueberry Bourbon Ginger—1-1/2 oz bourbon, sugar, soda, lemon, ginger & blueberry


      Mulled Wine—Served warm. Sprucewood Shores “Warm n’ Cozy”; infused with cinnamon, cloves & orange—5oz 12.5%


      Hot Toddy—1-1/2 oz Wiser’s whiskey, honey, lemon juice & lemon garnish


      Hot cider & Kraken—1oz Kraken spiced rum & hot apple cider


      Hot Chocolate or coffee with 1oz Bailey’s. Topped with whip cream and chocolate


      Winter Bourbon Smash—Local wine jelly, 1oz bourbon, 1/2 oz triple sec, orange juice, club soda & orange segments


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